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OK…it’s REALLY time to start training now! January 27, 2006

Posted by Wayne in Archive.

Looks like the calendar is finally up on the NEBRA site. www.ne-bra.org

When Ted hits his peak in late May, looks like he can easily take 3 or 4 crits in a row. What the heck is up with the weekend of 7/15? Poughkeepsie and Tokeneke and Union Vale?



1. Ted - January 27, 2006

What….no Colebrook TT….

2. Gary - January 27, 2006

And they moved the Chris Hinds to Ninigritty! Its not that I dislike it, but four races at the same venue in the same year gets a bit stale (especially if I do the training races there on thursdays!).

3. Ted - January 28, 2006

Did you mean May 2006 or 2007?

4. Wade - January 28, 2006

Yeah Laura is pissed about the Tokeneke thing. We’ll see what can be done. Two similar races less than two hours apart is not good.

Just back from a 3+ hour ride. Great day. Again, what month is this? I’ve been out 4 days this month without booties, winter gloves or hand/foot warmers!

5. Wayne - January 28, 2006


I meant 2008.


You loner! Where were you today at the EBCC ride? Even Ted was there. It was a very easy ride until Pete and Coleman stopped for donuts and coffee and then Stuart and Keith hit the front to “get their heart rates up.”

6. Wade - January 30, 2006

Laura wanted to ride some and doesn’t want to ride alone at this point. So I rode for a little over 2 hours by myself and then swung back home and picked her up for another hour.

Arlen, Ed and I did the Laurel ride thing Sunday – almost 4.5 hrs total. Laurel ride was “mellow” for that ride. I was still wrecked afterwards and spent a solid 3 hours on the couch recovering.


7. Wayne - January 30, 2006

Yesterday’s EBCC ride was super-mellow which was good. Only 2 hrs. easy. I’m not ready for anything hard yet. I prefer to cough up my first lung on lap 2 of Bethel #1. The 1/2 hour we went “hard” (i.e. I sat at the back at speed) Sat. was enough for me. I broke my shifter yesterday and had to rig my rear changer to stay in one cog so I had a “fixed gear” for most of the ride. Guess I should wash my bike occasionally. I bought some bar ends on eBay so now I’ll really be old school on the Bianchi!

8. Gary - January 30, 2006

Nah, if you can coast without pedaling, then you are ridin’ a single speed. I from mid-December until yesterday have been ridin’ a fixed gear. I started out yesterday on it with plans for a 3+ hr ride, but 15 min into the ride, the old school Campy bottom bracket started making some really ugly crunchy sounds (failing bearings perhaps?). I feared the sudden failure of the BB at speed (= instant rear wheel lockup). So, I had to head home and quickly fix my cross bike (still with a busted right brake lever from Nats).

It was sort of nice having gearing again, but in a way, I missed the fixie. If people haven’t tried one as a training (torure?) tool, I strongly suggest it. The 42×17 gearing I was running made many a hill a good strength training exercise, while the downhills force you to spin the bejesis out of your legs. Alternatively, on the downhills, you can practice leg braking (sort of like engine braking in a car) for some (questionably useful) additional resistance training. I’ll have to hurry up and fix the fixie, since I figure I’ll have to reacclimate myself to gears by the end of February.

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