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Season Opener March 6, 2006

Posted by Wayne in Archive.

Bethel CT Week 1.

Wayne and I lined up for the 30+ and the 123. Wayne’s plan was to just race the 123 but he got there so early (as did I) that there was no point in sitting around for almost 2 hours waiting to race the 123.

30+ field was small, only about 30 guys. Pace was slow to start with the wind and all – stiff head wind on the back stretch. Then a break got away about 15 minutes in. Tim Unkert is now a masters rider! I remember when he was a junior! Anyway he, a strong Yale guy, Kyle Wolfe (Cat 2) and a couple of others got up the rode. Wayne and I were happy to sit in, thinking of the next race. But with about 7 to go a chase group formed and I figured I would try and bridge – solo. I did. We didn’t work that well together so with 1.5 laps to go I attacked. One guy made it to me just at the bottom of the hill and beat me to the line. Man that head wind was tough all alone. I was 8th.

123 race. Much bigger field. Crash on lap 2. What a way for two guys to start the season! Breakaway went on lap 3 – Peck, McGinley, Adain, a Sakonet and a purple/white dude and 2 or 3 others. 2 or 3 would get dropped leaving the 5. Field spilt in two a few laps later. I made it, Wayne didn’t but it did come back together a few laps later. A chase group went with Badger, Amos Brumble and a couple of others. Badger and Amos stayed away the rest didn’t. We got lapped with about 10 minutes to go before the last 5 laps. Mike Conlon pulled us just before the hour. I blame that on the few knuckle heads who interpret “let the break go through you” as “time to attack and then go with the break!!” I think if the field just let the break go and then started racing again Mike would have let us keep racing for the full time. Mike M. won.

All and all I was pleased with how I rode. My legs felt strong (must be all the lifting) but my lungs need to catch up. I’m tired but not shattered.




1. Wayne - March 6, 2006

Yeah, it was a hard day. The wind was brutal. I survived the entire 30+ race and 3/4 of the 1-2-3 race (with a “rest lap” in the middle when I popped on the hill once). 1:30 of riding with a 162 average HR isn’t bad for me though.

Lots of fit dudes out there right now. Heard several guys talking about training in warmer climates just recently.

2. Ed - March 7, 2006

Sorry, I missed it. I know Mike McGinley just got back from California.

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