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Fitchburg Registration June 9, 2006

Posted by Wayne in Archive.

From http://www.longsjo.com/racerfaq-logistics.php#q1

Where and When Do I pick up my race numbers?
Race number pick-up is at the Best Western from Noon to 9PM on Wednesday June 28, 2006. We are requiring day-ahead number pick-up because of past problems with people trying to pick-up their numbers just before their TT start time – in some cases missing the race entirely. A teammate can pick up your race number packet for you by presenting your USCF license and government issued photo ID, but you will still have to sign the waiver and release form before racing. We are hosting the massCycling EXPO at the Best Western at the same time, with admission free to all racers, so hopefully your visit on the 28th will be enjoyable.

It appears they really are going to do this? In the past a few clowns have been late so now everyone has to suffer? You either make arrangements to have someone pick up your number, or you fork out the dough to spend an extra night up there? That’s complete BS. What’s our plan? Matt, can you arrange to have the race organizers pulled over repeatedly and harrassed by the MSP until they change this?



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