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The First Cyclocross Race September 15, 2006

Posted by Wayne in Archive.

Northfield Mass. It is a course I like and I have done pretty well there over the years. It probably has the most climbing of any race with Fox Hill off the calendar these days.

Paul, Matt, Art and I (with Brian Cantele and Keith Gauvin) started off the cross season under blue skies and cool tempatures. Really did feel like a cross race. Often this first race is 80 degrees – much to warm for cross!

I had a front row start position so mission one of the first race was accomplished. Mission two was a top 10 placing. The start was a little odd, with Marka just saying – ” OK, roll out.” It took me a second to respond so I lost ground immediately. The start is uphill for several hundred yards, first on pavement then on the grass field. I was able to get back a few of the positions I lost and settled into about 8th. Matt came blasting by soon after and kept the pace rolling. For the first quarter of the lap I kept expecting more riders to come through but it never happened. The front group of about 10 formed and I don’t think anyone else came on board and by the start of lap 2 we lost guys and it was down to 6 ore 7 guys. After attacks from Sam Morse and Matt Wilson (IF) Kevin Hines and a Cyclonauts rider went clear and my group was Brian Cantele, Wilson Morse and me. A lap later Morse washed out on an off camber and took Brian with him. The IF rider blocked my view as we made it around but it looked like a tangle of asses, elbows and bikes. Brian would rejoin but Morse never did – I’m pretty sure he DNF’d. We caught back the Cyclonauts rider when he had a mechanical of some kind. We say him running and running and running and as he went into the pit we kept the pressure on. Brian and I tried to worked over Matt. With 2 to go Brian would gap us in the woods on the sandy downhill. I sat on Matt as he tried to close the gap. Then I attacked but couldn’t shake him. On the last lap some tall hairy legged! rider caught us and just kept the tempo full on. I lost contact about half way through the lap and about 50 yards later so did Matt. We pretty much held those gaps and I rolled in 5th just a few yards in back. Brian went on to catch Hines and won the race.




1. Wayne - September 15, 2006

Who’s this Gauvin guy?

Where was Ted?

2. Wade - September 16, 2006

Ted at a cross race?! You’re joking right?

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