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Too hard for winter? December 28, 2006

Posted by Wayne in Archive.

Here’s the output from my heart rate monitor for the December 24 ride. (Sorry that the graphics aren’t as slick as Ed’s) As you can see, it wasn’t too bad. My HR only reached 170 for only a short time. (My max is 183) As I said, clearly Ed is working way too. I guess it make sense since he, to everyone’s dismay, usually sits on the front and is always attacking the ride.



1. Ed - December 30, 2006

You can always tell Brian’s working hard when the snot starts flying. I saw a few strings of slim on his bike after the ride. Seems consistent with his HR (i.e., mild snot at 170 BPM). By the way, Max HR is 197 and my LT is at about Brian’s Max. (183). Therefore, oh forgot it. He’s right, I’m working too hard. New research does indicate adding some harder efforts in the winter ain’t soo bad.

By the way, nice looking family there Brian.

At least PEZ says so: http://www.pezcyclingnews.com/?pg=fullstory&id=4527

2. Wade - December 30, 2006

The weather has been tempting but I scheduled this break from riding and I stuck to it. I am heading to the basement to ride the trainer for a while. First time on the bike since Dec 17th. Thought about riding outside but it is only 34 and there are some flurries in the air. Taking the mountain bike over to Camp Sloper is an option… too much trouble. The walk down to the basement is easier.

3. Brian - January 2, 2007

There will be plenty of snot flowing the next few weeks!!! After missing the split this week, I will be suffering like a dog to hang with the winter heroes!!!

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