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Forest Park #2 – AZW gets a Win! March 11, 2007

Posted by air9r in Race Reports.

Cyclist are dirty.


     Putting on any bike race is a challenge, and this week it was more ice, icemelt, salt and a historic time change.  Still, the race went well and everyone was pleased for a second week.

     I got changed up and decided to just start the GPS/HR Gramin 305 Edge before the warm-up and let it register the whole ride.  It ruins your averages but makes it easier to download.

     I felt good, except I didn’t train since my Antartica Training Session on Tuesday.  It was cold, I was busy and by the time Saturday came around I figured, “What’s one more day off the bike at this point?”

     I decided I would use the B race more as a warm-up after nearly getting shelled last week in the A race.  The course was sloppy but everyone managed.   It wasn’t the fault of the course but the time of year.

     I’ll let Zane tell the story but from my point of view, great unspoken team work paid off for the win in the B Race.  I’m usually a “Keep the speed up until the last corner” guy but I had been watching a rider, in shorts and yellow jersey, named Andrew making the bold and aggressive move on the backstretch for the first two primes and holding it.  He looked like the guy to watch this week.

     Having four rest days didn’t make me feel like “The Man” for the sprint so got lined up to help out at the end of the race.  I decided to beat Andrew at his own game and force his hand with his own move, but about a 100 meters early.  Horst-Benidorm PRC had the numbers and he was all by himself.  I’m all for winning a bike race in style, but its more effective to gang up and kick a man while he’s down.

     The pace wasn’t high enough on the last lap so I jumped before Andrew could.  It forced him to react and actually caused him to become part of the lead-out, which AZW won.  Some great fitness there!

     In the A race I tried to discourage an attack from the gun by bridging up to first a Louis-Garneau rider and then Alec Donahue from Gator.  Garneau came back but Donahue put his head down and started ramping up much higher than I was going to be able to hold.

     I sat in for survival, and as the break got 70 seconds I conferred with Wayne, Paul, Art and Arlen as to how they wanted to play it.  I think Ted was suffering in the back of the bus (He was keeping me entertained though with great comments like “Dangerous Rider on the right!”  meaning himself.  It was unlikely that we would bring Donahue back but I decided that I wasn’t likely to be much good in the finale, the field was dwindling so I may as well try to pull back thirty seconds.  We all did some riding at the front, especially Wayne.  It was some good single file racing but Alec wasn’t coming back, the wind was picking up and I was getting smoked.

      According to the HR, both the B and A races weren’t much faster, but I could sit-in the B race at about 150 bpm compared to the 162 or so it took to sit-in the A’s.  You could note that even though the A race was taking its toll on the small field, the riders that remained still had enough to close the gaps.  They weren’t just blowing up and getting shelled.  I think Arlen was top finisher there, and everyone got in some great riding.  I don’t think Keith Gauvin was enjoying life with a flat in each race.

     Special thanks goes to Rudy Project…because the glasses were really needed today.  No salt to burn the eyes this week.


Here’s a note from Jeff Papineau (Cyclonaut President) on the race:

At todays’ race we did okay.  Doug got 4th in the combined C/B race.  In the A race Art was 3rd, Doug was 4th and Jeff M was 5th.  There were 2 guys away (Alec Donohough again and some guy from Florida).  The A race seemed to be faster this week as we had three Cat 1s and four cat 2s to help keep the speeds up.  Everyone rode well again.


Looking forward to next weekend!



1. wenzel - March 11, 2007

Thanks for the update. matt said it all. We got some good results today through teamwork. Matt and Paul did some stellar pulls and chaise-downs, setting me up for the win in the “B” race. matt was right, with the yellow gut the one to watch, but after Paul’s and Matt’s pull he jumped early, and paid the price, as he stalled out in teh sprint, aloowing me to jump clear of him. I think that the two of us had a slight gap on the field after the last corner, so the mono-e-mono was fun.

The A race was fast, but different as the two guys got off from the gun and at the last gap I heard they had 1:18 on us. Matt, Paul and Wayne were great in their work today. With a few laps to go, Wayne and I ended up in a 4-man group that could have made it, but did not. Matt offered some good advice to watch Art P. and I did. He jumped twice in the last four laps and this hurt, but spread the field out. Needless, to say there were some weird tactics in the last half lap which caused to me jump across to the L.G. rider, just prior to the straight-away finish. I opened it up, sitting second of third wheel, I got passed by one rider, and saulked across the line in 6th place.

Thanks for the great team work. I won a 24-pack of PowerGels and split them up amougst the riders. Thanks again.

2. Wayne - March 11, 2007

Yes, two gold stars for the Captain today for his riding. I was a wimp and a weasel and only signed up for the A race, took my time changing and getting ready, but then jumped in the B race and rode the last 10 laps. At least I stayed out of the way in the back, getting pointers and tips from Ted.

I felt good today and overall, much better than last week at Bethel. The race seemed “easier” but the surges and changes in speed were pretty brutal. Matt attacked or covered moves numerous times early on, and I tried to stay at the front as much as I could. As Matt said, he and Paul and I got up to the front and tried to up the pace to cut into the gap of the two off the front, but it was pointless. As soon as one of us would pull off, the pace would slow. With about 7 (?) to go a NCC guy attacked and AZW covered. When a Cyclonauts jumped, I got on his wheel and we bridged up to make 4. We worked really well together, keeping a small (maybe 10″) gap for a lap or two. But with 2 to go, we were joined by 4 more riders, and there were too many Cyclonauts with us. Not figuring I was a big threat for a sprint, I tried to keep the pace as high as I could and put in one last dig right at 1 to go but we were swept up by the field. I was completely smoked and rolled around to the finish with Paul.

Nice course although I wish it had a Bethel-like (or even NB-like) hill for some variety. I would definitely like to go back for another week.

3. Wayne - March 11, 2007

Split them up amongst the riders? Where are mine? Am I not a rider? 😦

4. wenzel - March 11, 2007

I have plenty left to give awy to the riders, and yes Wayne you are a rider. Luv Ya.

5. Wayne - March 11, 2007

I thought maybe it was because I wouldn’t kiss you before you left today. Had your face been cleaner, I might have considered it.

6. wenzel - March 12, 2007

Now you tell me. Mel’s kiss was better than anything you could have dished up.

7. Wade - March 12, 2007

Nice job. Sorry I couldn’t make it. My Saturday started at 4 a.m. when massive abdonimal cramps woke me up. It slowly got worse from there. By mid morning stuff was leaving my body from both ends. Felt OK today but in no condition to race. Got out for an hour spin around 2. I didn’t get on a scale but I’m sure I made progress in our Biggest Loser competition!

8. geaspnes - March 12, 2007

I’m not surprised that AZW is tearing it up. He spent a 2 hr ride Friday agonizing about whether or not his fitness was good for this time of year; all the while driving me to a solid bonk before ride’s end. Also, now that he has the SRAM shifters and actually sprints in the drops he is a real threat out there (obviously).
After 3hrs for me yesterday with the 2nd bonk in two days (despite tossing the caloric restriction diet out the window), I’ve no doubt whose fitness is in question.
Nice riding guys!

9. Ed - March 12, 2007

Nice job guys!! The Zanester scores a win!!! Sorry that I didn’t join you but i ended up at Bethel with the family. Really fast race and i felt pretty good. Was in a bad position at the end with 1 to go and it got too crazy for a training race before the finish. I rode the new bike and was worried about hurting it. Very happy with the way i felt though.

Got home and the left crank was dangling. I was lucky it didn’t fall off while racing!! It was the FSA K-Force crank and now I can hopefully get a new one under warranty. Back to the old bike for a few. Glad i didn’t get rid of it.

10. Wade - March 13, 2007

Ed, what time did Bethel start? We heard there was an hour plus delay due to ice conditions. I think Ed needs to get on Wayne’s bike building program – ie let Doug and the guys at the shop build it up!


11. Ed - March 14, 2007

It started at like 2:30. There was a crash that delayed our start. For the record, there was a defect with the cranks. Anyways, they work now thanks to Doug!!

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