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Wirtz wins Sturbridge! Ed almost pulls off Palmer! April 30, 2007

Posted by air9r in Race Reports.

wirtz1.jpghome_skin_cancer_remedy.jpgThe final results aren’t up on BikeReg.com but everyone knows that Brian took the first real opener to the 2007 New England Road Season. 

 I call this the first “real” opener because even though there have been a few NE USCF races, this was the first one with a full field comprised with “Who’s Who” of cycling. 

Marblehead?  75 field limit. 

Turtlepond?  Competitive field but not full at 57 starters including 45+.

Myles Standish?  40, tops.  Ninigret times 2?Only certain racers attend that venue.

Battenkill?  Difficult race attended only by sadististic maniacs with early season fitness.

Wirtz was unstoppable considering he rode hard in the first break early in the race of seven laps up a windy hill, and was later to recover to make the winning break and come off Roger Aspholm’s wheel, after being led out by Troy Kimball (both of Westwood Velo) for the win.


Myles Standish 25.0 MPH average, Sturbridge 25.1 MPH, Palmer 25.3 MPH…is fast and getting faster.

Ed Angeli may not have come up with the win but I think it was some of his best riding yet.  No break was successful, and unlike Ed’s usual passive style, he powered a 9 man break on the last stretch that almost made it to the finish.  With a little more help from another team, or perhaps a solo bid, Ed would have come close to pulling off a second win for the team.


Wirtz flatted in the first mile…so much for the double.  And today, Wayne managed to stay on his bike…I’ll let him tell that story …



1. Wayne - April 30, 2007

Yes, two weekends and two klutzy moves. As Matt so thoughtfully reminded me “Don’t things like that all come in 3s?” Stay away from me at Jiminy.

Great job this weekend by everyone. We had some rough spots and bad luck, but a win at Stubridge (even though Brian pulled it off mostly on his own horsepower) and a lot of strong riding by everyone made for a great weekend.

2. air9r - April 30, 2007

I thought the blocking helped!

3. Wayne - April 30, 2007

You mean that part where Zane was at the front driving it and Wade had to yell at him on the radio?

4. air9r - April 30, 2007

Yeah…that part. I thought Ed was going to make it. We were getting help disrupting the chase from those fruity Cannondale riders. Roger sent Troy to reel Ed in. I was wishing Ed had a radio so he could maybe go on his own, but apparently he was already giving it his all. Almost made it…which was the right move considering there were still 70+ riders left in the field and about 10 pure sprinter types.

5. bwirtz - April 30, 2007

Great job by everyone this weekend!!! It’s always nice when everything works out in the end. I just hope we have some more wins in our tank this year. By the way, did we ever decide how to split up the $$ this year? I’ve put aside the $175 I’ve won so far this year. So far, I think that’s enough to buy beer for both Ted and Wayne. I had to stop Victoria from putting the winnings into Ian’s college fund. Looks like it’ll be a state university for my boy!!!

6. air9r - April 30, 2007

If we can get Wayne to stop having accidents and Ted to show up at the races, Ian will be able to afford Ivy League!

7. Wade - April 30, 2007

Good times! Brian did great and I think we all played a part in the weekend’s success. I can’t say I feel great about where my fitness is but I certainly took the right steps this weekend to improving it. I had to really dig deep at Palmer on the last lap just to hang on after the downhill right-hand turn early in the lap. Even after I got around some guys who were opening gaps, I almost got popped 2 more times on those false flats. That kinda suffering can only help in the weeks to come. Racing is the best training. There is no way in my interval work-outs that I bring myself up to those levels of pain. Just doesn’t happen.

8. air9r - April 30, 2007

On a funny side note…I rolled up to Wade on the last lap of Sturbridge and said, “Well…what do you think?” Wade was completely in the zone and had no idea I was talking to him. He barely said, “Uh-huh”, then moments later was off on a last ditch flyer. I guess I caught him planning his last lap attack. Talk about focus!

9. Wayne - April 30, 2007

I’ll stop having accidents. Ted?

I don’t feel so bad now about Palmer. I was only 7:00 down and wasn’t DFL. You guys must have slowed up!

That is a sweet picture of Brian finishing Sturbridge. Wasn’t even close!

10. wenzel - May 1, 2007

Great job everyone.

I was not driving the pace, just keeping tempo as to prevent people from popping off the front. Worked did it not?

11. Wade - May 1, 2007

I have to be honest I’m not a big fan of the false tempo thing. I’m more into the no tempo thing when we have someone up the road. Why use any energy pulling the field when there is a good chance the field will just roll along slowly with no one really doing much. And if a counter goes you’re fresh and able to cover it.

Another thing I saw, once from us, but from other teams several times. Pulling the field to chase down some no name solo rider trying to bridge to the break. There are about 6 guys that can make a solo bridge and 2 of them are on our team! No need to waste energy pulling back guys that will die on the vine. And chasing only begets more chasing. It was very evident when Gary was in the first break at Sturbridge. Two teams who had guy(s) in the move would jump on any rider that moved off the front, continually pulling the field along and keeping the pace high. Now with no Westwoods in the move it hurt the breaks chances but for quite a while Westwood didn’t actually have to do anything ’cause teams with guys in the break were doing their work for them.

12. wenzel - May 1, 2007

In my defense, I do think the false tempo does work is some situations. Two years ago when Wade got in the move at Toe-Kick-nee RR, Paul, wayne and I set a tempo at the front less than the break but with enough gas to discourage anyone from trying to jump accross. We like the odds as they were. It worked, theu stayed away and no one went accross. Secondly, by being at the front, one might just jump onto a free ride to the front group.

13. Tedd - May 2, 2007

Hey! I was in there too…until that guy swerved in to me and that whole crash thing happened.

14. bikeandrun - May 2, 2007

Wow, congratulations to the whole team. Nice work. Great ride Brian! Very cool photo. Thanks for posing with the Horst logo showing so clearly!! I’m looking forward to riding with you guys soon. Hopefully in the next month or so.–Scott

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