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Stafford Springs Crit. May 28, 2007

Posted by air9r in Chatter.


Ted, Wade and I. 



1. Ed - May 28, 2007

So, what happened? Where’s the race report.

2. Tedd - May 28, 2007

A good race and a fun course for an oval plus a little infield chicane section. An early break of 10-12 went up the road with most of the big teams, including Mike Norton and 3 of his teammates, Johnny Bold and Bill Thompson. I bridge up and a few laps later it went to (poop) and fell apart. Later, the move that stuck was Bold and Fantano, never to be seen again. We had discussed practicing our lead out and after a crazy last few corners I lost Matt but did managed to get 9th, the legs still don’t have the snap…soon.
The 1-2-3 race saw Wade and I line up in a small field of 25. It only took a few laps for the attacks to start. A break of 5 established with Mike Mcginley, Matt Kraus, John Bold, Mukunda Feldman and a Bike Community guy. They had most of the back straight away (where the head wind was) but I figure what the heck and attack…..one lap later I am 50 feet behind them and hit that head wind. This is where my brain starts doubting my actions….I see Johnny Bold taking his pull as I turn on to the finishing straight away and hit maximum effort. Ouch. I seem to be faster through the chicane and pull back a few more feet…we hit the headwind again and I see them ease up….I stand up and sprint to the group. It takes me at least 2 laps before I can start to help, As I do 2 more join from behind. We are working OK and are putting time in to the group behind, things look set. Fast forward to 20-25 laps later(50 total) I’m feeling 2 days of racing in my under trained body and the group starts to get unorganized with a few not pulling through. I get to the front and pull most of the headwind section, as I pull off Feldman attacks, everyone reacts….I dig and dangle off 20 feet…pop! Son of a beee…I was hurting and my brain shut me down…stupid brain. I was cooked. The remaining group, including Wade comes around and goes right through me…1/2 a lap later they pull all of us and just leave the 7 in the break. If I could have lasted 1 1/2 more laps and I was guaranteed a top 8 and $$ was to 6…disappointing but this is the first weekend in almost 2 years that I felt competitive…New Britain is coming.

3. trackie - May 29, 2007

I did the women’s race this morning, which was a combined W30+ and 3/4 race, racing for a combined prize list. It was a reasonably steady pace and didn’t get too slow, which was good because that sometimes makes me get bored and do stupid things. I’m better off being patient and waiting for the inevitable field sprint. With 3 to go, I was on the front and no one wanted to come around. So I just lead it out and sprinted like the little trackie I aspire to be… and got the win!

4. Wade - May 29, 2007

Ted wrapped it up pretty well. I think we were all surprised at how hard and fast the 35+ race was – smallish field, innocuous course and all. The first 10 laps were single file and there wasn’t much of a let up the rest of the race. For my race the P12 was easier. I didn’t make Ted’s two lap effort to bridge to the break. I did make the attack that caused the next selection, dropping the field from about 15 down to 8 or 9. I was starting to feel cooked when they rang the bell for our finish with 15 to go. I was a little dissapointed because it is those last few laps that make the 2nd race worth it for training. Oh well.

Returning to Stafford was a return to my bike racing beginnings. It was a mid-week training series at the Motor Speedway where I began racing. My first race was a road race on the Sturbridge loop but my 2nd, 3rd and maybe 4th was in Stafford. I remember my first time, getting there, borrowing a pump, from you guest it, Mike Norton. Unkert was there too. A junior I believe. Now we’re both doing 35+ races. The surface was in much better condition then I remember. Back in 1992 (93?) I recall more seams and cracks. The training crit just went round and round the track. The “real” crit, later that year used a similar course to yesterday, diving into the infield for a couple of corners. I know I have a photo around from that day. I’m gonna try and dig it up and add it to this post.

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