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Plainville 2 (3) 22 March 2008 March 22, 2008

Posted by wenzel in Race Reports.

I woke to the sweet melodic sounds of my phone ringing at 7:30am. Scott was on the other end on the line seeking information on the days agenda. Long story short, Scott met me here in Middletown at 10:30am. we saddled up and rode on over to the race. The greatest thing about this time of year is that the trade winds tend to come out of the NW and sure as the sunrise today was no different. So, we battled our way over to the race, arriving about 20-minutes prior to the start. We had the usual crew: Racers: Scott “1st ride in 2008″ Livingston, Ted ” Venom ” D’Nofrio, Wayne “Stilts” Prescott, Wade ” Bun-n-da-Oven” Summers, and Zane “Hemingway” Wenzel. Non-racers: Ed “Thumbs” Angeli, and Brian “Daddy Day Care” Wirtz.

The usual racing crew was there. Again the field was quite large by Plainville standards. The race started off fast with the usual people throwing done the gauntlet. The field spilt many times only to reform with fewer riders everytime. With about 10 laps remaining the pace the fan. We were single-file with gaps forming left and right. By this time Wayne, Scott and Wade were a lap down.  Ted had decided to view the race from the comfort of the adjacent lawn. So needless to say our lead-out train was missing the engine and a few rail-cars. I managed to stay near the front, but as expected the bumping began and one guy nearly highsided the last turn with one to go. I think that I managed to hang on fo 13th place. Not great but not bad. It is a training race.

Scott and I remounted the bikes after the race and enjoyed the fruits of our labor with a stiff tailwind all the way back to Middletown.

The days stats: 3:10:00 TOTAL ride time

63 miles, 50 lap race (25 mph average)

It was a great day and it was nice to see everyone. Next week is the plan, as Spike will be meeting here and riding over with a longer ride home. Any takers?



1. Ed - March 22, 2008

Once again, nice report Mr. Hemingway. Here’s mine: I lugged my 20 pound thumb cast over to watch, did a lap around the course with Laura and Nathaniel, went to the bathroom and awkwardly had to used my right hand to wipe, got some help zipping up my jacket from a nice fellow, watched Brian chase his son around while filling him up with grapes, talked to Aki about his $10,000 Reynold wheels, talked to Ted as he coughed up a lung, held Zane’s bike up when he finished, and shock hands with everyone as I left. No worries, I’m getting better with my right hand.

Looked like a pretty good race. I look forward to joining you boys soon.

2. Wayne - March 22, 2008

It was good to see Ted there, and Brian too, since I haven’t seen him since last summer. Ted is on his way back, I guarantee it. He kept up with me on the ride in from Unionville (with the help of the tailwind). That’s a start.

I did a very hard solo 2.5 hour ride on Thursday (in the snow I might add) and was still feeling it a little in the legs, but I felt decent the first half hour. Feeling decent, I jumped on Max Accaputo’s wheel when I saw him getting ready to launch, and we were off the front chasing a duo up the road. A couple lapped riders got in our way, and then a half-dozen guys came up to my wheel and then…well…I had put in about 30 sec. hard effort and…I went straight to the back. It did split the field and Zane was able to make it to a decent-sized group but that didn’t go far.

With about 12 to go, I got the crazy idea in my head that I’d go to the front and “drill it” to help bring back the dangerous group that had a good gap. After 5 laps of trying to move up, I sprinted for all I was worth to get to the front and…blew up and came off the back. My drill turned out to be a rotting dead stick from a tree. I sat up for a lap, then jumped back in until one to go where I sidled over to the rest of the spectating part of the team. I predicted Ian Sinclair would take the field sprint and he didn’t, so I chastised him about it all the way home. Anthony Alessio, sprinting much more effectively in a much smaller gear than the rest, took the win handily.

A good day, and pretty good legs in spite of the result. I think Wade will beg to differ with you…I’m pretty sure he hung in there the whole way and wasn’t a lap down!

3. Wade - March 23, 2008

I don’t remember the last time I was dropped at a local crit. A sad day. How did this happen? Oh yeah, I don’t train much these days. I did make some progress, putting myself near the front for much of the second half of the race. Then with about 8 to go I tried to bridge to a group. I made it but soon after so did everybody else and then the field was single file for another couple of laps. I couldn’t hang on. When the field came around again I jumped right back in and was OK until the finish.

4. wenzel - March 23, 2008

So the results are up. 16th. Not sure about that, as i counted as we went around the 1st corner. Regardless, Stage 1 is riding strong this season, along with Target Training.


Happy Easter all. Remember, Plainville on Saturday with Spike. Bethel Sunday?

5. SL - March 24, 2008

Yep, it was much as Mr. Hemingway described it, though I don’t recall Hemingway having so many typos in his stories! The wind was the story on Saturday. So was the fact that a couple of us haven’t ridden much…yet. We did get in some really good training and I’m looking forward to next week.

My demise in this week’s race was a 1:24 lap (relatively slow) followed by a 1:16 lap (relatively fast). If the pace was steady, it would have been easier. The acceleration required when you slow and speed up again requires more training. The Garmin doesn’t lie. It was nice to see everyone. Enjoy the rest of Easter Sunday.

6. Wayne - March 24, 2008

OK, so as we all know I can’t remember race details and I guess Wade did lose a lap. He must’ve popped just after I did.

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