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Team Update March 29 and 30th, 2008 March 30, 2008

Posted by wenzel in Race Reports.


Not really much to report here, but I will post something. Spike, Scott and I rode over to the race again this weekend. As expected we took off into a brutal headwind a few minutes behind schedule. We drove the pace aver to the race, arriving right before noon. I knew that it was going to be fun when the registration lady said, “Oh! Great you’re the 15th rider, now we can have a race”. Great! How much fun is this going to be? We milled about waiting for the kids race to end, shivering, but in good spirits. We lined up: Brain, Wayne, Scott, Spike and me. 1, 2, 3, …GO! Wayne’s lapped. Spike’s working on his Garmin autolap and he is lapped, Scott follows soon afterwards. So, as you can expect at this time it is complete mayhem. Mike, Tim and Max are up the road. Brian, ??, and Bob L. are in a chase group and the rest of the field in milling about. We fight the wind every lap, only to fall further and further behind. By the end of the race, Mike, Tim, Bob, Max, ?? and Brain are the onle people on the lead lap. The rest of us are at least -2 laps down with others -3, -4, and even -5 laps. Mike won, Brian got sixth. The ride home was added by the blowing-gusting tailwind but negated at times by the hiller route home. We got home..gorged on food….pontificated and parted ways. 3.5 hours for the day.


BTB – Better than Bethel Ride. (No Offense to Aki)

I was joined today by Ed (Thumbs or “The Club”) Angeli for an Aidan Group Ride. He sent the email out on Friday calling a ride today that would be 4+ hours, mi calienté, and dog-eat-dog. Sadly, or luckily, the ride started with close to twenty riders, with the first of many splits occurring in the first six miles.  Ed and I held our own and remained in the lead group throughout the ride. We did stop several times to regroup, collecting all the riders during the first two hours, but after that, we only waited 2-3 minutes at most. So, needless to say the group was very small 6-7, as we hit the ultimate climb of the day the notorious RT151 (Wayne’s Favorite…Remember?) and there the shat hit the fan. By the top of the climb there were three. We waited at the intersection of RT151-RT66, where we picked up Bob LaRoche. The four of us drove it home with Aidan destroying us along the way.  Ouch it hurt, but the legs responded well to the beat down. A great day: 86 miles at a 20.7 mph pace.  I think that they are going to do a few more of these, so if you are interested in a pleasant death march? 10am Sunday at CCNS World Headquarters. By-the-way, Aidan left us in Downtown Middletown, after the ride, to go meet his Dad for an ADDITIONAL ONE-HOUR of MOTORPACING…..



1. Wayne - March 31, 2008

OK now I have to protest. You make it sound like I was lapped immediately when in fact Scott and I were dropped at the same time (“FOUR MINUTES! We lasted FOUR MINUTES!” Scott says to me as we struggle alone with a Stage 1 guy in the wind) but we held off the break for a good 15 minutes, and the “field” for a while longer. Spike lasted a little longer than we did.

When the “field” caught us I tried the best I could to close gaps and keep it together but…I was just getting in the way. So I sat at the back until the break came around for the second time and then just cruised to the finish, crossing my fingers that Mike would pull out the win. Ron did an impressive leadout, I must say.

I was actually good with my ride, considering that when I went to bed Friday night, my scratchy throat said there was no way I’d be riding at all on Saturday, let alone be racing in the cold and wind. Looking forward to next week and possibly doing the Saturday/Sunday double, before taking a rest break on my school spring break trip to Italy.

Get well wishes to Mike McGinley who busted his clavicle today at Bethel. 😦

2. Ed - March 31, 2008

BTW – If Aki’s reading this post, Wenzel is a maniac and doesn’t really feel this ride is better than your Bethel Race. Right Wenzel?

3. wenzel - March 31, 2008

Yes Ed, you are correct. I do not feel that the ride is in any way “better”, just different. The BTB comment comes from the following:

“…Our last ride that took place of bethel’s cancellation was so awesome we’ve decided we’re going to do it again this weekend. It looks like we’re going to have everyone from the last ride and then some at this rate. It will be a 4 hour knock-down-drag-out group ride, then 1 hour of motor-pacing. (5 hours total). Again, be forewarned, some people did not finish with the last time (but they loved it and are coming out again )… We’d love to see more people out so everyone can push each other even more….”

No disrespect to Aki. See you next week at Bethel. Hopefully there will be no broken bones for anyone.

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