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Cyclonauts Race Report and General Information June 14, 2008

Posted by wenzel in Race Reports.

Paul will post the actual report for the race today (but I just hijacked this post to say I’ll do a report in the comments section, since as I said earlier, Paul can’t even find his computer, probably. –Wayne), as he was the highest placer. We rode very well as team and we were able to get Paul into the winning break. I’ll let Paul describe the action.

On a serious note; here is the real reason we may loose Monson and Palmer next year. On Saturday’s race there were three incidents that have doomed us, and as far as I am concerned we deserve it.

1. A rider chewed-out a uniformed police officer after he inadvertently directed the rider the wrong way. Mind you, that rider was OTB.

2. Another rider hit a police officer while throwing his empty water bottle. I am sure that the added weight was killing the rider…not…so it must be justified…not…hang on to that bottle next time.

3. Lastly, a rider was running late and decided to park on a resident’s lawn. Now for some back story. The resident is, or was a friend of the race; he had posted signs on the edge so riders would not park there. The rider parked there regardless, mowing over all the signs and to top it off…She decided to start a verbal argument with the resident….

So, we actually might deserve to loose these venues due to our own stupidity. If riders continue to act in this manner, we’ll have no place left to ride in New England. Shape up or quit the sport. MMA is looking for some sparring partners.




1. Wayne - June 15, 2008

The likelihood of Paul posting anything in this decade, let alone a race report, has about the same probability of me winning Housatonic Hills today.

2. Wayne - June 15, 2008

Zane, Paul, Gary and I lined up with a small field of 50(?) riders. Steve Roszko (back from IN) went almost from the gun, taking a couple riders with him. We went painfully slow up US 20, and didn’t really speed up much once we turned south.

A few attacks would go here and there, but nothing got away. Paul put in a little jump off the front, John Interlandi and some Bike Barn guys went up to him, the Stotz and another Corner Cycle guy and…game over. There were about 10 guys in that group, with several Bike Barns still in our group, and they pretty much shut things down. Zane launched a bridge attempt and got oh so close at one point, but didn’t quite make it. Yabroudy was still in the field with us, and every time time poor guy moved anywhere, he had everyone on his wheel.

We were treated to a little rain shower on the run-in back on Rt. 32, which made the double RR track crossings fun. And it was also really annoying, and enough rain to soak my feet. Gary launched himself off the front before the climb, which I thought was a smart move that might help him make it over the top with the group. But he looked to be suffering badly when I passed him before the S/F, and he never got back on. We hit the climb the first time and once we passed the S/F, several riders got serious with upping the pace. I felt really good so I let it all hang out, closing any gaps that opened, and generally trying to slow things down when I could. I didn’t have much luck with the latter, since several times well before the top of the climb I looked down and we were doing 31-33 mph. I believe that’s know as hauling ass.

Finally the protagonists gave up for the most part once we crested the climbs, and I did as little as possible for the rest of the lap, and sat up on the final climb to save as much of my legs as I could for Housy.

Funny story of the day…as we crossed the S/F the first time Bill Y. yelled out “Time?!” (meaning of course that he was looking for a time gap from someone). Some poor old grandfatherly-type, probably at his first bike race to watch his grandson or something said very politely “It’s 10:30″ (which of course is what time of day it was). I just chuckled but I don’t think Bill thought it was very funny…”10:30?! What the hell does that mean?!”

3. SL - June 16, 2008

In reading Arlen’s post about the bad attitudes, lack of respect, and stupidity still present, I realized that the sport of amateur road cycling is badly in need of it’s own Leave No Trace Ethic.


I know it isn’t perfect, but the New England trail running scene is more vibrant, more grassroots, and just nicer. Why are so many morons attracted to racing road bikes? At Battenkill earlier this year, I saw several riders just toss their spent energy food wrappers on the ground. When confronted, they just flew the bird. Like I said, morons ruining it for the respectful riders.

With no enforcement and the ridiculous high costs associated with the sport, don’t expect anything to change. The change has to occur from within. I won’t accept the argument that the motorists are all against us. That is a lame tit for tat argument. Like Arlen said. Folks should shape up or ship out.

4. Gary - June 16, 2008

I have just a few additons/corrections for Wayne’s report. First, Roszko wasn’t the first to go off the front. There was actually a concerted effort by Bikebarn (who had by far the deepest team in the race) to get away on the Rt 20 climb. I stuck myself on the front to the right of the rumble strips and about 1/3 of the way up the first pitch ion 20, Roszko went. I stuck his wheel for a while then he forced me to pull through, saw how badly I was suffering and attacked me. he linked up with one other rider chasing the four in front and caught them by rt 19. Meanwhile, the pack caught me on the descent.

Second, bikebarn absolutely controlled the pace and set up that lead break. I saw one one guy in green pulling on the descent with three bikebarn guys who would not pull through, I got back on the front to try and get our speed up. Then I could not even get the guy in green to pull through. At that point, I figured the race was done, but I covered a few other moves heading into Wales.

The thing was, I felt like dog meat and wasn’t recovering well all morning. When we hit the climb into Wales, I actually got dropped. Right then I knew I was not going to be with you guys on the next lap, I had no climbing power. Worse still, I really knew the race was done when I pulled back to the pack after losing close at least 30 sec to you guys. After finishing the climb yuou guys were doing easy club ride pace.

I missed that Paul made the second break and when someone tried to brdge to Zane’s bridge attempt, I chased. Zane’s group was faltering, so as I was approaching I tried ot yell to get Zane on my wheel to pull him up closer. Instead, I ended up with Dave Potter and a Sunapee rider. I took the shortest pulls possible since I felt iwouldn’t survive in the group if we got there. In the end we got F’d up by a car that was allowed between the group of 10 and the pack. The driver freaked and went to the gutter nearly taking Dave out and forcing me out left. When I hit the first pitch oin 319, I went backwards again and let the other two head off up the hill (we caught them on 32).

I tried to drive the pace a few times on 32, again not knowing that Paul was up the road. My “attack” on the downhill was actually an effort to try to pull the pack along. I had no idea I had a gap until I hit the false flats leading into the turn up to the finish. I guess that’s what you can do on a down hill when you’ve got both weight and a 55×11 working for you. Once there, I figured I’d do what I could to stay out, but as soon as the road went uphill, I was done again. It was all I could do to push over the 39×23. I did most of hte climb up to Wales but finally pulled the ripcord and turned around.

Again I was feeling like poop. Sorry I didn’t stick around for a post-race debreifing, but it was all I could do to keep my eyes open on the way back to the in-laws. Once there I hit the shower and then took a 2+h nap. I actually felt crappy all weekend and seem to have some upper GI thing going, so that’s my excuse for Saturday’s performance. Thank goodness that this was a planned rest week, I think I need it…

I’ll hopefully see you all in New Britain.

5. Wayne - June 16, 2008

Scott…I couldn’t agree with you more, and since I work with The Youth (and future) of America every day at my job, I could make a lot of parallels between the behavior of some (younger) racing cyclists and Generation Whatever-Letter-We-Are-On-Now but that would be a digression not for this forum.

I will add two observations from yesterday’s race. On the last lap, I was thanking all the cops/marshals etc. as we went through the intersections, and the two dropped (twenty-something) P-1-2 riders with us kept giving me weird looks and muttering snide comments like “aren’t you still racing?” Even if I am in the front group, I try to throw out a “thank you” now and then. I don’t know, they just didn’t get it.

And after the finish when we were standing around shooting the breeze with Badger, Doug Thompson, Terry from EBCC, etc. someone (I think Doug) said something to the effect of “Look at us being all happy and chummy. It’s like we’re a bunch of triathletes or something!” I had to chuckle because one thing I do miss from my triathlon days (and I’ve heard MTB racing is like this too) is the lack of egos amongst the competitors. And a vast majority of the master’s guys are not egotists, but there’s still that slice of them that are.

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