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2008 Union Vale – 35+ Race Report June 29, 2008

Posted by Ed in Race Reports.

Here’s my quick report. Thanks to the Garmin Nuvi I made it to the race o.k., only 1 wrong turn as i wasn’t paying attention to the thing. Smaller field this year, pre-reg. only and Keith Berger, but some good riders were in the mix. Course was great as usual and on 1 or 2 of 4 laps, I initiated a break on one of the climbs and 8 of us were off for the remainder of the race. Included were Troy Kimball, David Taylor, Mark Alden, Dan Staffo (JW Dundee’s/Home Performance), Ralp Warmuth (Westwood), and some other guys that I didn’t know. We rode pretty well together, not great, but it worked out pretty well. I felt feeling o.k., and was happy with the climbing legs today. 3 bottles were perfect. I never saw the pack again and as we approached the final climb I was happy with not having to race the pack up the climb. No big attacks and I settled into my own pace on the climb. David, Mark, and Troy rolled away along with 2 other guys. I kept it steady trying not to blow so early on. About mid-way I passed two guys but could not close in on the other 3. As you guys already know, the finish never seems to come fast enough and I was seeing double. I kept my gap on those behind but couldn’t make any progress on those ahead. Once again, I was really happy to see the finish line. End result was a 4th place. Those guys up ahead are some tough dudes, in fact anyone finishing it qualifies for that title, and a little tweaking of my training should be helpful.

Later, Ed



1. Gary - June 30, 2008

Nice riding Ed! It sounds like YOU are ready for Fitchburg. Hey, there is still time to register!

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