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USS Sterling Sets Sail 08 May 2010 May 8, 2010

Posted by wenzel in Race Reports.

Rain, Rain and More Rain – Sterling RR 2010

All that can be said about today was that it rained and rained hard. We started the race with 70+ registered riders. It was cool (51F) and spitting rain. Well by the end of the first lap the rain was coming down so hard that we had rivers in the road and debris everywhere. In talking to Wayne, my lone team mate in the M35, after the two crashes on Route 12 at the end of the first lap, he was gapped off the back as a 1/3 of the field went to their cars.

The remainder of the field completed the rain shorten race, 5-laps instead of 6-laps.  Although there were numerous attacks nothing stuck. Badger had the best move, rolling off the front with <1 to go, drawing three with him. We got the majority of the riders back by the town green and Badger held on for 4th. Very impressive.

Here are the highlights:

Two crashes on Rt 12 on the first Lap….

Skip Foley ‘is safe at home’ after his impressive white line Double Axel with a Full twist sole slide out on Rt12. really impressive was his regaining the field in his muddy-torn kit. I hope that sweet ride of his is okay.

Standing water at the Rt 12 intersection.

Boulder Sized Debris in at least three places on the course.

Anthony Allessio’s fine finish despite his ‘frost bitten’ body…how was that Space Blanket?

All in all a fun day with an okay result. I was able to nip Kyle Wolf at the line for 7th…they paid 6-deep.

The Very-On-Form Paul Richard’s won again this weekend.

Gary and Craig are racing the 3’s and we’ll get their report later.

BTW. Destroyed my left Speedplay pedal in the rain. The inside needle-bearing ‘blew apart’ during the race, leading to one stiff pedal and one hell of a noise. The axel, titanium is pitted and striated….seems like I will need to by another one. Sucks.



1. Wayne - May 9, 2010

One of the rainiest races I’ve ever done. I could see absolutely nothing on the back side of the course on the first lap. Pat Cunningham and Doug Thompson went down at the turn on Rt. 12 (could it have been the foot-deep water in the corner?) so I moved up on Rt. 12 into the top 25 to try and stay out of trouble. But then someone crossed the white line and went down right in front of me. Had to stop completely but when I got around it I was with about 20 guys I figured would chase back on with no problem. Right as we got to the split where the road goes right just before the sharp turn into the finish hill, 10 guys go straight and head back to the parking lot, then pretty much everyone else pulls a U-turn or sits up after the S/F. Great. Now it’s me, trying to close a 25 yard gap by myself. Didn’t make it to the field by the right-hander at the top so…no way, once we started going downhill.

I paid my money and was already soaked and miserable so…hard solo training ride the rest of the race, save about a lap when the 45’s caught me and I sat on at the back of their very small field (maybe 25 guys). The funniest thing was I never bothered to look at the lap cards and had no idea they had cut a lap. I hammered the 5th lap, hoping to get back to the S/F so I could pull off and watch the finish. Stood there, waiting, waiting, waiting, feeling kind of dumb just standing there. Then I realized the race had already finished and everyone else was back in the parking lot, getting warm and dry. And the sad thing is I felt good all day. I was just lonely.

Results update…last place. Hey, somebody has to fill that spot. And the way I look at it, I beat the 41 guys who quit.

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